1. To conduct projects to ensure sustainable energy supply for sustainable development.
  2. To follow the international research in the field of energy and to contribute to carry out research-development activities with central coordination in the university and in Turkey
  3. To establish and develop the laboratory needed for energy research.
  4. To support and direct research on energy at the university.
  5. To pursue studies in order to contribute to the creation of Turkey’s energy policies
  6. To conduct necessary researches about renewable energy sources and to contribute to the development of new projects.
  7. To carry out activities to ensure more efficient and effective use of traditional energy sources such as petroleum, coal, natural gas and the like.
  8. To conduct research on nuclear energy and nuclear energy technologies.
  9. To make unifying and guiding arrangements for the research and development activities of the departments working on energy at university.
  10. To provide the coordination of the studies to be carried out in Sinop and its surrounding provinces that investigate natural resources and to utilize them.
  11. To conduct studies on environmental pollution caused by energy use and to carry out studies to reduce environmental pollution.
  12. To facilitate the access to resources by creating a documentation center for energy research and development activities.
  13. Organizing national or international courses, conferences, seminars and similar events and raising public awareness on energy.
  14. To help to train students, instructors and other staff in the field of energy by cooperating with the relevant units and departments of the university.
  15. To develop scientific and technical cooperation with national and international organizations and to carry out joint studies with them.
  16. To design projects according to the demands of both public and private sectors regarding energy as well as to evaluate and conclude the given projects.
  17. To cooperate with relevant ministries, public institutions and organizations on energy applications.
  18. To ensure and strengthen the cooperation between universities and sectors where energy consumption is intense.
  19. To provide collaboration with the representatives of the business world to share ideas with the students of the university on energy and energy technologies.
  20. To establish cooperation with the business world on new and advanced energy technologies and energy efficiency.